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Running Rabbit
I ran past you there,
I ran fast so you could see
that I'm going somewhere,
somewhere only I can be.
I ran faster still
to get where I'm needed
and have my will,
where I am not defeated
I'll keep running on
get to where I'm goin
get to where I'm gone
beneath the wind a blowin'
I'll be moving on.
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Six Feet Underground
Six Feet Underground
In timbucktoo, yeah they know you,
your happenings have spread further
than those temptress legs you got,
it don't matter though, oh brother
it won't matter, six feet underground
Your smile shined upon every man
down in that damn saloon
don't you feel no shame woman?
Your wanton ways finally caught up
it don't matter, six feet under round
Scream, oh please baby scream,
you know I like it,
when you cry and wail,
No one'll hear you down there,
through the gravel and dirt,
my sweetheart, six feet underground.
So feel your shame, and your doubt,
caught you with that man,
I aint got no judgment to clout,
'cause baby you're done to me,
don't matter me none, six feet underground.
Piece by piece, I took you apart,
and each day since,
oh baby, I wake up with a start,
thinkin' of how you done me wrong,
don't matter now, six feet underground.
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Bright Light
Oh bright, illuminating light,
where have you gone?
I'm left here by my lonesome
with no one to count on.
The moon greets the shadows,
while my morale in the gallows.
Slivers of your warmth
glow through the hearth.
It's not the darkness that scares
but being left here, bare,
freezing underneath a blank sky
with only my mind to go by.
Bumbling, fumbling, ambling around
at least I'll always have the ground
to stand upon, and gaze up high
wishing for you to come nigh.
Please oh bright, illuminating light
I've lost what's wrong and what's right,
so come hither anon, for I don't know
how much longer I can go on.
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Ain't it a Shame
Ain't it a shame,
that boy turned to man
had no idea
about uncle sam
he's ripe for the picking
he's feelin' real nice
all that's come to
a sad li'l device
she says dear john,
can't do this no more
i'll leave your bags
upon this bleak floor
the light of the fire
and smell of sweet pain
he's felt it all before
but it still leaves a sting
he picks up his rifle,
heads out through the door
ain't got nothin' here
to be livin' for
his head held high
just like his old man
he finds the strength
any way he can
feel of the steel
cold and calm
positions it closely
in his gums
gimme one reason
you bastard of a god
to keep on'a livin'
in this forsaken sod
he looks to the sky
for any kind of sign
only there's nothing there
there's no more time
takes a deep breath
shifts to right
bang goes the gun
the end of this night.
:iconneenjabiscuit:NeenjaBiscuit 1 0
Mature content
Crashing Minds :iconneenjabiscuit:NeenjaBiscuit 0 0
"It isn't that simple, you know. Nothing ever is."
"Only because we want it not to be."
"What is life without chaos? It's not interesting, that's what."
"I suppose you're just the king of chaos, aren't you? The sanest one among us."
"Now, I've been called many things in my time but sane, my dear, is not one of them."
That smirk of his gave him away every time. A narcissist and egoist at his best, and a rampaging nymphomaniac-alcoholic at his worst.
"So. Mr. Chaos, do you have any weaknesses, or are you so ever-changing that you are invulnerable?"
"Ah, weaknesses hm? What is a super villain without an Achilles-heel? Whiskey. Whiskey, and women."
"Well, now that's quite a weakness."
She rubbed her hand against his inner thigh, making sure she copped a quick feel of the life between his legs. Biting her lip as she looked towards him, her cheeks flushed a gentle hue of red. He smirked once more, another damsel that would needed to be saved. Or was it him that needs the saving?
"Oh, is that
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Not Sure
Love is pain
oh jury, oh judge,
it tempers and flares
like a sun full of rage
going supernova
it bursts and burns,
a cataclysm of beauty,
which fizzles out
into the space beyond
my poor brother.
Object, I say, object!
To the fools wish
of eternal love
for it grows, changes,
evolves before us
who are we
to question
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Never Break
Never Break
The sun beats down on my shoulders
and i'm ridin' out with the wind
I ain't done yet
'til I've made you cry boulders
fierce as a fox riddled with hurt,
nothin' but my colt and a bottle
o'that beautiful brown heaven
baby, murders just the start
Can't you hear it in the wind?
Can't you feel me in the end?
Can't you hear it in the wind?
Baby, I never break, only bend.
Can't you see the pain you've caused?
The red aint nothin' mean when
it's me you've got compared.
Baby, I never break, only bend.
Got dust to shake, aint welcome here
never was to begin with, nothin' i'd
rather do, hunny,
than finally be rid of you.
:iconneenjabiscuit:NeenjaBiscuit 0 0
i have not begun to fight
but i am drinking of the fire
while you're not afraid to be
surrender all entirely
and leave the rest dream
so revel in the reverie
for the night is young
as the fight goes on
belonging to us all
we will rage to be
:iconneenjabiscuit:NeenjaBiscuit 0 0
We Were Here
We Were Here
Can you love me now,
the skies screaming with
color and convalescence
bursting at the seams ,
Let's make some noise
and dance in the afterglow
of the bombs wake,
twirling in the fallout.
produced from the soil
We are all one
We are all none
We are all
deduced chances of life
We are all one
We are all none
We are all
Etched into the cement
to remain forever silent,
floating in the wind
a testament still stands
For the alchemy of life
is a never ending cycle
that truly allows us
to live so hard
we die.
:iconneenjabiscuit:NeenjaBiscuit 0 0
Somewhere that I feel no need,
Constance between here and there
I drift through your parties and
little get-togethers of friends,
if there is a belonging
It is not here.
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Don't Look Here
Don't Look At Me
When the seeming parts just aren't worth without the whole. That is the true sign of a friendship. We may find our humor in ourselves, but more so of our friends, otherwise the kinship would most likely not even exist. From the insane to the mundane, friendship will see it all. It hasn't been until recently that I began to really dissect some of my friendships and my interaction with people. An indulgently selfish and conceited topic, but that's besides the point. Some adage or quote from a movie that I'm unable to attribute at this moment is that every person in the world feels loneliness, no matter who they are. This is not a piece so that I may vent my aggressions, rate my friends, or anything of that matter, this is fleshing out my ideas and theories on what we as people consider friends and how we go about the relationship of a friend.
First, there's acquaintances. While these are people that some may actually care about because of a kind disposition towards most
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Conversation just isn't the same anymore. Quick wits and forked tongues fall upon the phrase, "what?" or "could you say that again?" The silence is a welcoming place, but only because it couldn't greet you if it wanted to. It's a place where men are driven mad, and others find complete harmony. I've found both. The world is slightly altered. Skewed. Misshapen with a boundary that I'm afraid to pass. The life before life, it's a time where we cruise and drift our way through time; it's a delicate flower anxious to be plucked, or even fertilized. We sway, back and forth, here or there. No real direction, just wherever the wind takes us, whichever place the sun decides to reside; that's where we stay. For me though, it seems my fragrance to lure the elusive bee isn't working correctly. I sway in a wind of my own following no real guide, the sun shines on me, but feel too much of a longing for something more. As if the whole business of growing firm or the eventual fertilization is all a s
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Shaking Beauty
Shaking Beauty
The world was once falling away from me
in a twisted, turning heap of wonder.
Doing best to make sense of it all
and rise above myself. Suddenly,
the Sky broke into a light red,
stars shone through the clouds.
The ground began to shake,
my heart picked up pace,
I saw you there among the stars.
A sly smile, the glimmer of your eyes
kept me entangled, entranced.
My world shaking and changing
but I have no plans to move
as I gaze back into that sky.
More than a shooting star and brighter
than a supernova. My silence is broken,
the walls have begun to fade; I smile
Because I know not what lies ahead.
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So here's the skinny:

I've been seriously slacking in allowing my imagination to roam as free as I'd like over the past number of months, maybe even years it feels like. I've such a want and a drive to take writing/photography seriously, yet keep having my time eaten away by work.

Yes, I have a job now, and have since April, actually. I'm really enjoying it, oddly enough. Wondering what it is yet? Maybe in a half-interested way. I'm doing Social Work (never thought I'd say that, honestly) essentially determining whether or not low income single parents/families are eligible to receive subsidized daycare. In a nutshell, I'm a pencil pusher. Although a lot if it is phone calls, which if you knew me at all know I tend to despise. I used to refuse to call pizza places to order just because it meant I had to make a phone call. Pretty sad, huh? Well, not anymore. I'm making around 30 to 50 calls a day, answering a bit here and there, along with lots of data entry.

Sound boring yet? It's not, at least not to me. I don't love it, but I enjoy the people I'm working with. Granted I am the youngest person in the building by literally about 10 years, with maybe a few exceptions. I've always had an old soul, but I like to think I bring a bit of life to that place.

So that's what has been on my plate for the past seven months or so. 8-5, Mon-Fri. 40 hrs a week. Weekends have been bars, bars, bars. For the most part, I've been making sure to have some lazy days in there as well, actually just beat Fallout: New Vegas the other day. (almost 40 hrs of total play time, I actually enjoyed it a lot more than Fallout 3, surprisingly)

Oh, and I've been working out. While I may have always convinced myself I would go or just said that I wanted to, now I actually am. Let me tell you something about it too; it feels fucking amazing. I have a chest now. My arms have actually grown with some decent amount of mass. I have longer endurance, and I'm only working out harder each time I go. Routine is a good thing, don't be fooled by others who think it's boring and repetitive, it's good to be sporadic, but routine can kick ass too.

Anyways, I'll hit this up later. Maybe even tonight. I need to go make some shrimp tacos for dinner (and for a pot luck lunch tomorrow at work) and then head over to the gym after that.

I'll tell you in another life when we are both cats...
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